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Screen Bandita is Leanora Olmi and Lydia Beilby, a Scottish-Australian collective committed to promoting the regeneration and repurposing of archive and found film and analogue projection methods. Through events and workshops Screen Bandita create an environment where previously abandoned film, archive film, artefacts and the stories embedded in them can be recontextualised and  re-imagined through exposure to a new audience. 

Their live film performances foreground the celebratory spectacle inherent to moving image presentation. Their collaborative projects have woven together the moving  and still image with spoken word, live experimental sound interpretations and trad and experimental folk music. The duo have travelled the Highands and Islands of Scotland, to Oberhausen Short Film Festival in Germany and to the Vienna Independent Short Film Festival. 


Part of the Screen Bandita community event programme is the Bring Your Own Archive event, which is the basis for the Yarn Swap gathering. 16mm live animation workshops and archive workshops for primary school children are also currently running in Scotland and Australia.

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