The Yarn Swap is an inclusive and welcoming space within which participants are invited to bring objects that meant something to them or that have a story embedded in them. In June this year as part of Rainbow's (Victorian Mallee area) Oasis festival, Leanora held the first Yarn Swap and local community participants brought a myriad of objects, including song, stones and a tape recording.

With thanks to Adelle Rorsheim, Oasis Project Manager and Dianne Dickson, Oasis Artistic Director. 

All images: Les Graetz


“It was lovely to share the story and recording from Shirley’s letter about her travelling adventure’s many years ago”

Adelle Rohrsheim, Oasis Community Arts Project Manager – Small Town Transformations Rainbow.

“The Oasis (the old Primary School) was a stimulating setting for an event such as the Yarn Swap. It was a grand afternoon spent listening to and watching people, local and otherwise, relating to each other different stories and events gathered over their lifetimes. We are all different, but such a day shows we are all the same! A very entertaining afternoon where humour and pride won the day!”

Ruth Gosling, Rainbow Archive volunteer, and Peter Gosling, Yarn Swap participant. 

"How a memory can be rekindled by some old article. In my case by an empty wheat bag and a bag filler-rammer. Thoughts returned  to taking bags off a header and later filling, naming and sewing, ready to be carted and stacked at the railhead. Remembering the wheat stacks and those who stacked them. A time to share those memories."

Geoff Hocking, Yarn Swap participant.

Yarn Swap 4.JPG